• Automate windPRO with Python, C#, Java etc
    Use Python, C#, Java, Ruby on Rails and more to automate tasks inside windPRO
  • Use your favorite IDE
    Work in your preferred environment and import the windPRO package as any other package
  • Get started
    Learn more about how to get started

Automate windPRO with Python, C# etc

The windPRO SCRIPTING service allows users of windPRO to interact with windPRO via API calls instead of the traditional GUI based interaction. The API can be called from numerous different scripting / programming languages and comes with numerous python examples.

Run calculations multiple times with varying model configurations to perform sensitivity studies, or automatically build windPRO projects with the desired data, objects and calculations. This is all possible because the SCRIPTING service is able to programmatically add, remove and manipulate windPRO objects, calculations and data.




Use your favorite IDE

The SCRIPTING service runs in parallel to windPRO and makes it possible to control windPRO from outside using your favorite IDE, Pycharm, Visual Studio, Eclipse etc.

At the end of each script, you may have your calculation results in a machine readable format and a full windPRO project which can be opened and inspected as usual.


Get started

The SCRIPTING service is not like the typical windPRO module because there is no user interface and the licensing model is different. The skillset required to use the SCRIPTING service it is very different as it is necessary to have programming knowledge.

We currently offer an introduction course and personal support to get you up and running. If you already wish to view the documentation it can be found here.

A get started guide can be found here

If you are interested in learning more about the SCRIPTING service, please contact for more information.