Mesoscale Wind Maps

EMD offers to generate an EMD-WRF mesoscale wind map with time series for a customer defined area. This provides easy visualization, overview and prospecting for high wind resource areas.

Wind maps inclusive of time series can be ordered for a 5, 10 or 20-year period, using ERA5, ERA-Interim, MERRA-2 or CFSR/CFSv2 boundary data. The wind map is supplied in a 3 km / hourly resolution as standard.

Temporal domain, boundary data and spatial domain can be selected through the quotation tool below.



  • Anywhere in the world – both onshore and offshore
  • Spatial view of the calculated wind map through the free windPROSPECTING platform
  • Time series: Wind speed/direction and turbulence in 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 meters.
  • Time series: Temperature in 2 and 100 meters.
  • Time series: Detailed solar radiation
  • Time series: Surface pressure, humidity, precipitation, visibility, cloud cover, MOL etc.


As an optional consultancy service, EMD offers to downscale your wind map to a resolution of 100 to 200 meter or include wind data from met masts in the model setup calibration. Contact our wind energy consultancy department for further information and prices.


Wind maps and data is delivered through the following channels:
windPROSPECTING: Spatial view –
windPRO: Time series data (accessible from your own user account)  –


The price for a mesoscale wind map depends on the size of the selected domain and period.
Select your spatial domain, temporal domain and boundary data using the quotation tool to receive a price.