Welcome to energyTRADE

energyTRADE is an advanced software tool for planning and optimising daily operation of energy plants to achieve the lowest production cost of heat. With its user-friendly interface, energyTRADE allows the plant operator to easily monitor, plan and control the entire production from just one screen.

energyTRADE intelligently optimises planning of simultaneous bidding in both the day-ahead, regulating and primary reserve electricity markets.

Based on various input data e.g. weather forecasts, electricity spot price prognoses, expected heat demand and thermal storage content, energyTRADE calculates the optimal operation in quarterly, half hourly or hourly time steps. The output is a detailed graphical and numeric production plan containing the proposed operation for each energy unit. The production plan shows the amounts of energy and bidding prices to be offered in every time step and the estimated economic result for the specified period.

The production plans with bidding prices and quantities as well as actual production schedules subsequently received are seamlessly exchanged between the energy plant and the balance responsible party (BRP) directly in energyTRADE.

A derived benefit of having an energyTRADE solution is that it also includes a detailed energyPRO model setup of the energy plant, which can be used to analyse any changes in the plant operation strategy or investments in new technology.

“We have installed energyTRADE at our CHP plant in Randers, where we use it for planning the electricity production.
It provides a good overview of the next seven days of operation and an optimized production plan that exploits
the variations in the electricity prices, the up- and downward regulating market opportunities and the capacity
of the storage tank in the best possible way.”

–Preben Dalsgaard Pedersen, System Engineer at Verdo.

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