An energyTRADE set-up is designed in accordance with the properties of the plant and its interfaces. The figure below shows a set-up with two databases being the interface between energyTRADE and the SCADA and the BRP. It is also possible to have a set-up where the communication is directly with the SCADA and energyTRADE can be set-up using the protocols needed.

Simplified energyTRADE set-up example at the plant. Each set-up is individually made according to technology, preconditions and other requirements at the plant. In this set-up example an indirect DB interfaces is made, but direct interface set-up is possible depending on requirements and preconditions.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating how energyTRADE can be integrated into your daily planning at a district heating plant in Denmark.

energyTRADE interface

The energyTRADE user interface gives the operator a quick overview of the entire plant. From here the operator can monitor, plan, control and participate in balancing markets. During holidays, weekends and busy hours, automatic features such as submission of electricity bids can be enabled. energyTRADE can optimize the planning of simultaneous bidding in the spot, regulating and primary reserve market.

energyTRADE user interface. The top menu shows the preconditions, these differs from set-up to set-up and depend on the requirements of the operation. The main window shows both the historical, current and prognosis for the next days in graphical form. The first graph shows the spot market prices and the bid price [price/MWh], second graph shows the heat output [MW], the third electricity [MW] and finally the content of the heat storage [MWh]. Left window is divided in two. The top is to see and tender different markets, the bottom shows the events in the system and the alarms.