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energyPRO is the leading software for modelling, analyzing, and simulating complex energy projects with cross sectional optimization including electricity, PtX, hybrid and thermal energy (such as process heat, hot water and cooling).

energyPRO is used for detailed technical and financial analysis of both existing and new energy projects in a very user-friendly interface providing the user with a clear overview of the project. The software offers a long range of technical and economic reports including graphical presentation of the simulated operation which provides an overview and in-depth understanding of the dynamics in a complex energy system.

The calculations are made under due consideration to any conditions specified in the project offering precise results in a printable format accepted by the World Bank and international investment banks. With its flexible and generic structure, energyPRO can be used to model virtually any type of energy plant. The possibilities are almost endless. The list below provides some examples of which analyses can be performed with the software.

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“The program is the best on the market, it is user-friendly and easy to work with.
Based on the existing reference model of our system, we can quickly calculate the operational
impact and financial return when considering new investments in our energy production facilities”

Laurits T. Nissen, Project Manager at Aalborg District Heating

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