energyPRO Software
Advanced and flexible modelling software package for combined technoeconomic analyses and optimization of both cogeneration and trigeneration projects Order energyPRO Software


energyPRO is the leading software for modelling complex energy projects with combined supply of electricity and thermal energy (process heat, hot water and cooling). The software is based on a modular structure which makes it possible to customize the features to suit the needs of the user.

User-friendly software

energyPRO is used for detailed technical and financial analysis of both existing and new energy projects in a very user-friendly interface providing the user with a clear overview of the project.

Diverse Energy Types

energyPRO can be used in a variety of projects such as cogeneration plants, heat pumps, hybrid energy systems including battery storage, tri-generation plants and biomass/biogas fueled CHP plants with fuel storage. Other types of projects and energy technologies, e.g. geothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy, can also be analyzed. With its flexible and generic structure, energyPRO can be used to model virtually any type of energy plant.

Comprehensive Technical and Economic Reports

energyPRO offers a number of technical and economic reports including a graphical presentation of the simulated operation which provides an overview and in-depth understanding of the dynamics in a complex energy system. The calculations are made under due consideration to any conditions specified in the project offering precise results in a printable format accepted by the World Bank and international investment banks.

License Types

energyPRO is available both as standard license and one year license. We also offer university license, educational license and student license. You can read about the different license types here.

energyPRO modules structure