OPTIMIZE is the newest module which allows you to optimize the size of PV, CHP, heat pump, storage or any new asset you include in your modelling.

  • Calculate The Annuity Cost
    Based on the inputs in OPTIMIZE, energyPRO calculates an annuity cost, which is connected
    to the size of the asset. energyPRO
    will find the optimal size and operation based
    on the annuity cost, operational cost as well
    as income and technical conditions such as
    demands and transmission restrictions.
  • Fast Results
    In the OPTIMIZE, energyPRO calculates the
    optimal sizing together with the optimal operation in one calculation, which gives a
    fast result.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    Easily select the assets, planning period, specific investments, expected lifetime and interest rate.

HP&PV&Storage for sizing optimization

Optimize Report