energyPRO Support and Maintenance Agreement

When purchasing an energyPRO license, one year of free support and maintenance is included.
A valid support and maintenance agreement includes:

  • Free download of new versions and developments of the software programs
  • Free of charge hotline support by phone or on-line in using the software and other required topics
  • Free download of update patches, hotfixes and manuals


After the first year you will receive a reminder and you can then choose to continue the support and maintenance agreement. The annual service fee is 20% of the current valid list price for the license(s) / module(s) supplied to you.
Our latest price list is always available here

System Requirements

The optimal hardware configuration varies depending on what you will be using energyPRO for. Below are some general pointers.


A multi core CPU running at 2 GHz or more on each core is recommended. Although not all energyPRO calculations utilize multiple cores, Windows does and such you may experience greater overall performance, since one core can be used for energyPRO and the remaining core(s) for Windows.




For general purpose use of energyPRO most on-board graphics adaptors should perform satisfactorily.

Memory / Operating Systems:

Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7. Min. RAM 4GB