The REGION module includes facilities to define multiple sites within a region in which demands and production units are geographically separated.

Region module energyPRO

Adjust sites

For each demand and production unit the user points out to which site they belong and when selecting a site in the graphical window the demands and production units present at this site can be seen. It is also possible to model restricted capacity of transmission of heat, process heat or cooling between sites.

Region module energyPRO

Superior tool

The REGION module is a superior tool if energyPRO is to be used for regional energy planning analysis or to calculate the techno-economic consequences of combining several geographically separated energy plants within the same scheme.


region module energypro

Hydraulic calculations

For the heat transmissions in your project, you can now use a hydraulic calculation. It allows the user to include constraints introduced by the transmission pipes. Where the transmission capacities are calculated based on user-specified details about the pipe.

This is important for district heating projects with more sites. From the hydraulic calculations, it is possible to include the transmission pipes in the economically optimal investment, knowing the impact of the pipe diameters, the level of insulation, and the pipe roughness. Moreover, the parameters of the flow in the pipes are calculated for the timesteps in the calculation. Finally, the work of the district heating pumps can be included in the economy.

Hydraulic calculation in the REGION module