The eGRID module is used for designing and calculating the internal electrical network for wind farms from each turbine up to the connecting point of the external grid.

The graphical user input of lines that “snap” to WTGs, transformers or loads makes it easy to design internal electrical grids, also for persons without a detailed electrical background.

eGRID performs a full steady state calculation of radial electrical grid systems and can be used for design, optimisation and documentation of the grid connection of both a single wind turbine generator (WTG) as well as several groups of wind farms. eGRID can also calculate a traditional grid without any WTGs. With the flexible setup in the module, calculations can be performed according to country-specific norms, standards and guidelines.

Input Data

eGRID users can provide input data in the following objects developed specifically for the eGRID module:

External Grid (also used for the specification of all voltage levels)
Loads / Compensation units
Busbars (for connecting cables/lines of different types or connecting more cables/lines of same type in Y or star point)
Electric Grid (like a “line object”, used for drawing overhead lines / cables on the map – these can automatically “snap” to objects)
Additionally, WTGs in the WTG catalogue can be expanded with their electrical properties, like generator parameters, built in transformers etc.

Detailed Calculations

With the eGRID module it is possible to calculate and document the following

  • Annual losses in cables and transformers based on local wind climate
  • Check of the cable and transformer design (load in percentage of capacity)
  • Steady state voltage variations based on two free-definable load situations or auto-defined (from Norm)
  • Short circuit power and current
  • Voltage fluctuations (long-term flicker)
  • Voltage variations caused by switching effects
  • Verification of the calculated values with determined demands given by e.g. the utility
  • List of cables and components used for cost calculations, including both cable length and excavation length, taking topography and gradients into account.

Comprehensive Reporting

The report generator in the eGRID module offers the following reports:

  • Assumptions
  • Losses
  • Design check
  • Voltage variations
  • Short circuit
  • Long term Flicker
  • Voltage variations due to switching effects
  • List of electrical components