The HYBRID module evaluates the financial feasibility of combining electricity prices with different energy technologies like wind and solar. Investigate how you can increase income by consuming power behind-the-meter or use storage to meet demands at times with low production.

  • Combine Technologies
    Use timeseries from a PARK or SOLAR PV calculation or third party to model the production mix
  • Calculate LCOE
    Use the new cost tool to calculate LCOE, Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value of your production plants
  • Optimize Plant Sizes
    Find the optimal size of e.g a solar pv plant, wind farm and storage yielding the most profit
  • Add Electricity Prices
    With spot market price timeseries, you can evaluate the value of the production at each timestep relative to exporting or importing from the grid
  • +-
    Save energy for later use
    Model how a battery can influence the energy output and financials of a hybrid power plant
  • Include Taxes and Loans
    See how tariffs, interest payments, cashflows etc. all influence the financial feasibility of your power plants.

Wind, Solar, Storage, Prices, Demands. All-on-one

The transition to sustainable energy systems requires production across multiple technologies. This is the purpose of the new HYBRID module.

Evaluate the financial feasibility of a HYBRID system combining wind turbines and solar-pv plants connected to an internal and/or external grid. Investigate how storage can help fulfilling internal energy demands or selling to the external grid. Optionally, include non-sustainable fuels to meet demands.

The HYBRID module integrates with a new easy-to-use cost model to calculate the LCOE, NPV and IRR for wind, solar and storage. All calculations are performed using time series for power production, prices and energy demands.

The new HYBRID module only requires BASIS and METEO modules. However, the HYBRID module offers seamless integration with the PARK and SOLAR PV modules.