EMD is an appointed reseller of the WAsP software developed by DTU Wind Energy, Denmark.
The WAsP software can be used independently or conveniently as an “internal calculation engine” within the suite of windPRO modules for wind resource assessment and energy yield calculations.

WAsP is the industry-standard PC software for wind resource assessment, siting and energy yield calculations for wind turbines and wind farms. WAsP is used for sites located in all kinds of terrain all over the world and includes models and tools for every step in the process from wind data analysis to calculation of the energy yield for a wind farm. Almost 5000 WAsP licenses have been sold in about 100 countries.
Typical WAsP applications:

  • Calculation of energy yield for single wind turbines and wind farms
  • Calculation of wind farm efficiency
  • Wind resource and turbulence mapping over selected areas
  • Siting of wind turbines and wind farms
  • Calculation of wind conditions for IEC site assessment, e.g. mean wind speed, wind flow inclination wind shear and ambient turbulence for single wind turbines (complete assessment also requires WAsP Engineering)


WAsP contains several physical models to describe the wind climate and wind flow over different terrains and close to sheltering obstacles. Also, WAsP contains a wake model for wind farm wake effects and a stability model for average heat flux conditions. For horizontal and vertical extrapolation, WAsP uses the built-in linear IBZ model, which will perform adequately for flat to moderately complex terrain. If the terrain is very complex with many steep slopes, WAsP includes easy access to an external state-of-the-art CFD model too.


The data used by WAsP for wind resource and energy yield calculations come from different sources. The wind-climatological input may come from wind measurements at a nearby meteorological mast or may be derived from meso-scale modelling results. The elevation  description is derived directly from space shuttle elevation data or other data sets, while the land cover description and nearby sheltering obstacles can be extracted from topographical maps, databases, or satellite imagery (Google Earth).

WAsP comes complete with freeware utility tools for wind data analysis, digital map construction and editing, power and thrust curve editing, as well as for IEC 61400-1 site assessment and for IEC 61400-12-1 power performance measurements.

WAsP bundle license prices
A single licence gives access to WAsP, WEng and WAT and software support during the subscription period.

  • New WAsP Bundle license (single user)
    First year fee: €1990
  • Existing WAsP Bundle license (single user)
    Annual fee for second year and beyond: €750


New discounts scheme
Order 1-year new WAsP Bundle license with 1 additional year: 10% discount.
Order 1-year new WAsP Bundle license with 2 additional year: 15% discount.
Renew your WAsP Bundle license for 2 years period in one go: 10% discount.
Renew your WAsP Bundle license for 3 years period in one go: 15% discount.