TR10 – Quality factor

Evaluate how a wind farm’s remuneration will be affected at the 5, 10 and 15-year mark of operation. The TR10 module is a unique tool for calculating the quality factor of operating turbines according to the German standard: Technische Richtlinien für Windenergieanlagen Teil 10 (TR10), rev. 0. The module is an add-on to Performance Check.

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    Easy data import
    Both SCADA production data, log status files as well as electricity production data are easily imported
  • Correct Categorization
    Each 10-minute production data can be quickly categorized according to TR10
  • Site Yield & Quality Factor
    Calculate the site yield and quality factor, as mandated by FGW.
  • Documentation
    Generate detailed reports, ready to be send as complete documentation
  • Certification
    The evaluations of WTGs with availability above 98% , resp. between 97% and 98% according to the TR10, rev.0 are certified by TÜV SÜD

Import data to METEO

Easy data import

SCADA production data and log status files can be imported from almost any wind turbine manufacturers SCADA system.

The TR10 module also include advanced features for importing electricity production data and Einspeisemanagement data (EinsMan).

Screenshot of data import in TR10 module

Data handling tools

Correct Categorization

The in-built tools in the TR10 module will intelligently assist you to setup and categorizing your data in compliance with the requirements defined in the TR10 guideline, rev. 0.

Screenshot of categorization results in TR10 Module

Index corrected production

Site Yield & Quality Factor

windPRO can calculate the site yield and quality factor with either the simplified or detailed methodology depending on the availability of the WTG.

A TR10 specific temporal availability is calculated determining the method for calculating the site yield.  In the end, the quality factor can be determined as the ratio of the site yield and the FGW-published reference yield of a turbine.



Once the site yield and quality factor calculations have been completed, the many results of the calculation steps as well as the data basis and processing can be documented in a pdf report. The report fulfills all documentation requirements in the TR10 chapter 8 and the annex, including the attestation for the grid operator.

Exampel of some of the report pages generated by TR10 Module


The evaluations of WTGs with availability above 98% , resp. between 97% and 98% according to the TR10, rev.0 are certified by TÜV SÜD. The methodology for WTGs with availability below 97% is going to be implemented after the TR10, rev. 1 is released.

Click here to see the certificate

TÜV SÜD Certificate for the TR10 Module

To use the TR10 module, users will also need a license to the BASIS and PERFORMANCE CHECK modules. When wind data from met masts or online data sources are needed, a license to the METEO modules will also be required.