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The REGION module includes facilities to define multiple sites within a region in which demands and production units are geographically separated.

Attend our ‘Introduction to energyPRO’ course January 16th, 2024

Here you will learn how to build complex energy systems and solve them through a techno-economic approach using the program’s MILP-solver. The focus areas of the course will be: – The unit commitment problem – Project settings – Adding of fuels, energy conversion units and demands – Understanding the MILP method – Handling of reports […]

energyPRO 4.9 – new MODULE released!

Discover the Autumn Update of energyPRO 4.9! We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of energyPRO 4.9. The spotlight feature: OPTIMIZE! With OPTIMIZE, you can now perform sizing optimization for energy conversion units and storage components within your model, empowering you to make more informed decisions. But that’s not all! We’ve added the ability to […]

New energyPRO version just released !

We have just released energyPRO 4.9. The main new features in energyPRO 4.9 include showing payments at timestep level and load change restrictions. With payments shown at timestep level you can include the single payments in the production, graphic and export the payments at timestep level, similar to export energy conversion. The new load change […]

energyPRO courses !

We have scheduled a number of different online courses in September. The ‘Introduction to energyPRO’ course you will learn how to use energyPRO and for which type of analysis our software solution can be used for. Through examples, we guide you through how to set up a model including all the different types of elements […]