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The REGION module includes facilities to define multiple sites within a region in which demands and production units are geographically separated.

Markant forbedring af energyPRO´s REGION-modul

Den nuværende simple netmodel i energyPRO vil i 2020 blive kraftigt videreudviklet. Det vil betyde et vigtigt boost til energyPRO´s REGION-modul. Det er en større bevilling fra EMD´s fond der muliggør denne videreudvikling. Baggrunden for bevillingen er bl.a. at fjernvarmeværkerne hidtil har være baseret på centrale enheder ofte fyret med fossil energi, hvor temperaturforholdene ikke […]

Introducing the new global EMD Solar Energy Index

With the new EMD Solar Energy Index service, Solar PV asset managers and operators now have easy access to index data worldwide to evaluate the performance of their plants. We offer two levels of index services: Regional Index and Plant Index. Regional Index A free Solar Energy Index for most recent month, quarter, YTD, or […]

Iceland and Taiwan – New Elevation Models in windPRO

Two new regional elevation models have just been added to windPRO: 1)    The Iceland Elevation model (LMÍ Hæðarlíkan 2016) – 10m resolution – from the National Land Survey of Iceland 2)    The Taiwan Elevation Model 2020 – 20m resolution – released from the National Development Council of Taiwan If you are working with wind-farm development in these areas, you […]

Resolved: Issue with MERRA2 data from June 2021 to September 2021!

A month ago, NASA notified about an issue with the MERRA2 data from a four month period ranging from June 2021 to September 2021: The issue was caused by an error in the MERRA2 pre-processing of ocean buoys observations of near-surface temperatures and resulting in significant near-surface temperature biases in various regions. At the time of the […]

EMD International A/S releases a new global web-based wind energy index service

See The index service is based on ERA5t data nodes and updated automatically at beginning of every month and as a user you will be able to mark your locations of interest and free of charge obtain the REGIONAL wind energy index. Through a subscription you will have access to a calibrated LOCATION wind […]

High-resolution Italian DEM– TINITALY – now in windPRO

The Italian Elevation Model – TINITALY – is a seamless digital elevation model that covers the territory of Italy. It is produced by Tarquini et al – using a Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) approach – and built from separate elevation models from each of the administrative regions of Italy. Grid resolution is 10m with the […]

15 GW – our Nordic Experience

This year our Wind Consulting team at EMD reached an amazing total volume of 15 GW contracted work in the Nordic Region since 2000! We have been involved in a total of 286 projects in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Every project makes us smarter! Can we help you with your Nordic project? Contact  

Did you miss our presentations during WindEurope’s technology workshop last week? Watch it here

EMD presented four different topics and the presentations can be watched by clicking on the headlines above the descriptions of each presentation below. Introduction to Post construction analysis, using windPRO 3.4, 64bit Introduction to Post construction analysis, using windPRO 3.4, 64bit Calculate the future expected production for your wind farm assets. Get insight with our […]

New Belgium-Walloon Elevation Dataset available in windPRO

The Belgium-Walloon 5m and 25m elevation models (Relief de la Wallonie, Modèle Numérique de Terrain (MNT) 2013-2014) are digital terrain models (DTM) produced by EMD from 1m gridded data released by the “Service public de Wallonie (SPW)”. The elevation data with windPRO is in either 5m x 5m grid or a 25m x 25m grid […]