High Resolution Global Land Cover Data – 100m – Now in windPRO

As wind energy analysts, we often find ourselves using land-cover datasets as the starting point of making our roughness classification models. Until now, the spatial resolution of the global land cover datasets has been limited to about 300m. This obviously limits the accuracy at roughness shifts (such as edges of forests, coastlines or cities).With the […]

Corine Land Cover Product – 2018 Version – Now in windPRO

For our European users of windPRO: The Corine Land Cover 2018 version is now available from windPRO 3.3+. This version supersedes the 2012 and 2006 releases, which are still available in windPRO though. The Corine Land Cover product is very popular as a starting point for roughness classification. This new release has a geometric accuracy […]

Updated Finnish LUKE Forest Map – 2019 Tree Heights Now Available

Updated 2019 forest height data for Finland – derived from the recent LUKE “Multi-source National Forest Inventory Raster Maps of 2019” (released in 2021) – is now available as an online data service for users of windPRO 3.5. If you are working at forested sites, then within Finland, you can use these forest height data […]

Danish KU Forest Inventory – Tree Heights Now Available Directly in windPRO

A map of the forest heights for Denmark – derived from a dataset developed by the Danish University of Copenhagen – Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management – is now available as an online data service for users of windPRO 3.3+. If you are working at forested sites in Denmark, then you can use […]

ERA5-ERA5T Differences Sep-Nov 2021: Updated Data and Analysis Available Now!

As we notified earlier, the preliminary ERA5T data from a 3-month period ranging from Sep-Nov 2021 (and probably also part of December) will differ from the final, validated ERA5 data. Now, final and validated ERA5 data for additional months of Oct-Nov 2021 have been made available in windPRO and EMD-API. Based on the newly available […]

Brandenburg High Quality DTM’s – 5m and 20m – Now in windPRO

Two high-quality digital elevation models (DTM’s) in 5m and 20m resolution and covering the German state of Brandenburg have now been added to the online-services of windPRO 3.3. These elevation models are adapted versions of higher resolution models obtained by aerial surveys with data source from Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Brandenburg (LGB). Read more at our […]

In deep water? Improved GEBCO and EMODnet Bathymetry Data – now in windPRO!

As of today, windPRO users working with offshore wind farms now have free access to updated versions of the GEBCO (Global) and EMODnet (European) bathymetry datasets. Within the 2020-version of the European EMODnet bathymetry the number of contributing surveys has almost doubled from 9400 to 16360. Likewise, the GEBCO 2021 bathymetry data is also updated […]

Berlin and Hamburg – High-Quality Elevation Models – Now in windPRO

Two high-quality digital elevation models for the German states (Bundesländer) of Berlin and Hamburg have now been added to windPRO. Both models are available at a resolution of 5m. Read more at our windPRO wiki: German Berlin Elevation Model German Hamburg Elevation Model Image showing: German Berlin Elevation Model: DGM (5m) – wind turbines at […]

Swedish and Norwegian Topographic Maps – Now in windPRO

For our windPRO users working with wind-farm projects in Sweden and Norway: Topographic maps in scales from 1:50.000 and up to 1:5.000.000 for Norway and 1:10.000.000 for Sweden are now available as zoomable, dynamic maps in windPRO. To access the Swedish or Norwegian map collections, just click the button ‘Add Map’ then navigate to ‘Dynamic […]

Latvian Geodata Package – Now Available in windPRO

Now windPRO users developing wind farms in Latvia have easy access to a comprehensive package with very high-resolution Latvian national geodata. The data is available through the online-data services in windPRO 3.3+ and includes national elevation model (20m resolution) and forest height data (5m resolution, currently with spatial coverage of about half of Latvia). Topographic […]