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SITE COMPLIANCE calculates the main checks required in site suitability assessments according to the IEC61400-1 standard, ed. 4 (2019), ed. 3 (2010) or ed. 2 (1999). For each main check the module evaluates if a wind turbine class (e.g. IIA) is suitable for the actual site and layout conditions.

Aeroelastic Models in windPRO

Through the modules SITE COMPLIANCE and LOAD RESPONSE, windPRO holds advanced features for desicion support in site-compliance and structural load evaluations.

GASP – The first Global Atlas of Siting Parameters and wind turbine Design Classes

GASP is a free (CC-by-4.0) global dataset in 250m resolution of resource, siting parameters and expected wind turbine design classes – further details on the GASP dataset can be found here. windPRO 3.5 provides easy download of GASP data as resource files, which include the siting parameters, that can be used in park calculations as […]

windPRO SITE COMPLIANCE certified to IEC61400-1 ed. 4 (2019) by TÜV SÜD

Now windPRO users can make suitability assessments according to the new IEC6100-1 ed. 4 design standard using SITE COMPLIANCE – with certification that the software complies with the IEC standard. View certificate: – TÜV SÜD has performed a rigorous review of the interpretation of the standard, the developed methods as well as the software […]

Improved flow modelling at cold climate sites through novel land-surface data from satellite sources

On behalf of the InnoWind project team, Morten L. Thøgernsen from EMD will be presenting this topic at the Winterwind conference in Åre, Sweden next week. The presentation will take place on Tuesday February 4th at 11:00-12:30. As wind-analysts, the setup and calibration of a land-surface model are important first steps to simulate the flow […]


With the MARKETS module it is possible to analyse and optimize energy plants with simultaneous participation in different electricity markets (e.g. day ahead, reserve and balancing markets).


The REGION module includes facilities to define multiple sites within a region in which demands and production units are geographically separated.


The MCP (Measure-Correlate-Predict) module is for long-term correction of measured wind data on site and based on the correlation with long-term reference data. The module includes slicing and dicing, automatic time offset, comparison graphs and an uncertainty calculation.


The MODEL module provides a collection of tools interfacing with external wind flow models like WAsP, WAsP CFD and other external CFD models. The MODEL tools are often used in combination with other modules like MCP, PARK and SITE COMPLIANCE. A popular tool in MODEL is the Resource map calculator. EMD’s own ATLAS model can also be used with this module.


The LOAD RESPONSE module provides easy-to-use calculations of fatigue loads for IEC 61400-1, ed. 4 (2019) ed. 3 (2010) or ed. 2 (1999) site suitability assessment. The module includes generic turbine models representing typical turbines on the market, and manufacturers can easily implement their own in-house turbine models