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Release of windPRO 3.4

We are pleased to announce the release of windPRO 3.4. The highlights of this version are a new Solar PV energy calculation module, a new certified TR10 module, streamlined post-construction analysis, and windPRO as a 64-bit application. Download windPRO 3.4 → What is new in windPRO 3.4? A brief summary of the latest features can […]

Spanish Geodata Package for windPRO – Released at WindEurope Exhibition 2019 in Bilbao, Spain

Developing windfarms in Spain just got a bit easier with windPRO: Now access to a comprehensive package with very high-resolution Spanish national geodata is provided with windPRO 3.2+. This includes elevation data in 5m and 25m grids. Topography-maps and orthophotos are available in different resolutions as dynamic zoomable maps. If you are attending the exhibition, […]

energyPRO 4.6 released

Short summary of the most important improvements: 64-bit, Heat pump improvements, New report, Cash flow, annually in FINANCE, Draft comparison of key financial figures, Battery cycle counter, Update menu including new shortcut buttons, Update List of function and Check formula buttons, Improvements in German CHP law Download and install the new version here Click here […]