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What else is new in windPRO 4.0? Improvements to PARK!

windPRO 4.0 introduces a range of updates to PARK, to empower you with even more precise and flexible wind energy analysis. Here’s what you can expect from our latest release:

🌡️ Temperature Derating: Quantify losses caused by temperature derating in high altitude and high-temperature environments.

📉 Enhanced Curtailment Loss Attribution: Get better fidelity in the curtailment loss attribution, enabling the execution of multiple curtailment rules simultaneously within the same timestep.

💰 Cost Maps in Cost Calculation: Integrate Cost Maps into the cost calculation process, allowing you to factor in cost-related variables such as soil conditions, water depths, land purchasing costs, and more.

⏰ TurbOPark in Time-Varying Calculations. Benefit from having one more wake model in your toolbox. The TurbOPark model has been successfully verified as described here:

🌅 Finer Resolution for Sunrise/Sunset Curtailment Rules: Benefit from finer resolution in sunrise/sunset curtailment rules, allowing for more precise curtailment decisions based on daylight conditions.