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windPRO 4.0 offer some big changes, but also a range of improvements across multiple modules.

For instance, windPRO 4.0 includes:

🌊 Offshore mode in SITE COMPLIANCE

🌪️ Tropical Cyclone assessment and downscaling in SITE COMPLIANCE

📍 Direct access to your own measurement data server with METEO API in windPRO

🧹 Autofilter to clean 100s of turbines’ SCADA data in minutes using PERFORMANCE CHECK

⏱️ Improved calculation speed for RESOURCE when using WAsP and Scaler on a multicore machine

💰 Simulation of how variable tariffs influence the business case of HYBRID projects

🖌️ Streamlined NORD2000 to match interface of DECIBEL

↗️ Directional tower loads to increase accuracy in LOAD RESPONSE