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windPRO 4.0 offers a better bargain with Cost Maps and improved Optimization!

Discover a new level of wind energy optimization with windPRO 4.0. Our latest release introduces innovative features designed to steer optimization away from expensive areas and strike a better balance between wind resources and costs.

Here’s what’s new: 

Cost Maps:
Gain control over the cost-trade-off decision-making process by leveraging Cost Maps. Load grid files into the Layout Optimizer as CAPEX, OPEX, or ABEX to represent costs associated with soil conditions, water depths, land purchasing, access conditions, and more. Optimize your wind turbine layouts strategically based on cost considerations.

Enhanced Optimization:
windPRO 4.0 now enables wake constraints optimization for both new and existing wind turbines, limiting the impact on existing turbines and heightened project efficiency. The optimization engine has been fined-tuned with faster calculation speeds.

Improved User Interface:
Simplify your turbine selection process with a layered list of existing wind turbines in the Layout Optimizer. Identifying separate layouts becomes easier and more intuitive, enhancing your overall workflow efficiency.