Consultancy Services – Solar

We take pride in tailoring our services to your specific needs.

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The following are our key services:

Pre-Construction Analysis

The bankable services create a reliable basis for investment decisions, implementation or financial closing of projects:

  • Solar resource maps for site identification and selection
  • Initial landscape topographical assessments
  • Conceptual design and basic engineering of the Solar PV plant
  • Assessment of the long-term climate and environmental conditions
  • Performance reviews and audits of measurement campaigns.
  • Simulations of the expected annual energy yield & production based on modelled resource data and/or measurements.
  • PV power plants output loss & uncertainty assessment
  • Key environmental and potential planning constraints





Asset Advisory

We bring in our knowledge and the experience from our activity as Independent Advisor to support your operations & enhance your project’s economy:

  • Portfolio Management and KPI based monitoring
  • Performance analysis and regular audits
  • Post-construction detailed yield, failure & loss assessments based on operational data
  • OPEX modelling and lifecycle cost analysis
  • Forecast system, bankable documentation and reporting (e.g. energy trading)
  • Buyer’s advice or vendor’s advice during asset transfers.

Risk Mitigation

In solar plant risk mitigation, the devil is in the detail; system integration and a thorough contingency plan translated into clear cut contractual obligations are imperative in order to achieve the most competitive LCOE for your project. Our experts have an eye on these details, with expertise ranging from high level or red flag reports to detailed due diligence risk assessments.

  • Review of the measurement campaign and/or climate data to ensure a sound data basis for energy yield assessments and climate risk evaluation
  • Review of third party resource and energy yield estimates, technology review and review of basic and detailed engineering.
  • Review of permits and land lease agreements, supply, construction and operation contracts.
  • Review of Power purchase agreements PPA
  • Construction monitoring, take over inspections and technical risk review
  • Review of economic modelling, CAPEX and OPEX budget (as compared with the supply and operation contracts) and yield forecast


We can also assist you in the preparation of bid documents, setting and accompanying the bidding process and bid evaluation criteria.




During the process of obtaining planning permission for your solar PV project you often need to provide a visualisation. Our experienced experts can help you on that matter.

No matter if PV panels, wind turbines or buildings – we can visualise any structure, static, animated or fly-through.