Consultancy Services – Energy Systems

Our team provides consultancy services across the project’s lifetime, from investment decisions to operational analysis and budget follow-up for virtually any energy system including PtX.

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The following areas illustrate our services:

Feasibility Studies
Investment Decisions

In recent years, the energy markets have undergone unprecedented changes, which makes the basis for new investment decisions more uncertain. No one know how the markets will develop in the future, but we can help you to analyze and compare various investments under different conditions and different future market expectations. For the analysis, our team of experienced consultants will compare the operations including OPEX of your existing energy plant and investigate how different investments will affect the operation in both a technical and economic perspective.

For the analysis we provide a detailed financial plan in a standard format approved by international banks and funding institutions. The result is a report documenting the most feasible solution together with a recommendation based on the findings from the feasibility study.

One example of how we can help you to an informed decision can be found here.


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Operation Analysis and Optimization
Optimisation of Asset Operations

Ensure that at any time that energy demand is met, and at the same time finding the operation strategy with the best economics can be challenging, specifically when participating in multiple electricity markets and integrating fluctuating renewable energy sources in the production of heat. Often the overall economy of the plant can be improved considerably by investing in a thermal storage or by adjusting the bidding strategy in the balancing markets.

For instance, in a system which is supplemented with an electric boiler and wind turbines, the electric boiler should consume electricity from the wind turbines, when it is windy, and consume electricity from the Day-ahead market, when prices are low. But at the same time, it should offer its capacity in the Regulating power markets. To make the operation planning even more complex, the electric boiler could be operated partly on electricity from the wind turbines and partly on electricity from the electricity markets. What is the optimal operational strategy?

With profound understanding of the dynamics of the electricity market and the daily challenges of planning the operation at complex energy plants, you will get a complete analysis of the current operation and an in-depth study of the potential for optimising the operation. An example of the impact of such optimised operation can be found here.

Industrial Decarbonization

Industry, along with transport, stands for the largest share of global emissions today. A lot of the industries have embarked on a journey towards carbon neutrality. At EMD, we help some of the big players in striking the right balance between economic growth and CO2 reduction:

For the specific application we formulate a reference model, based on demand and cost patterns, which is validated with operational data. In close dialog with our client, we develop a solution space which is suited to the specific production facility and the local possibilities. By comparison of the financial and environmental benefits with the existing set-up as reference the most promising solution is identified. The robustness of the solutions is challenged by various sensitivity analysis to create a sound decision basis.

An example of how we help you to strike the balance between costs and CO2 reduction can be found here.





Power-to-X (PtX)

The world of PtX is full of buzzwords: sector-coupling, electrification, green hydrogen, e-fuels and many more. The flood of buzzwords shows how many aspects and interfaces there are, so in other words, the complexity of PtX. The same complexity makes it difficult to establish the economics of PtX: What is the origin of the electricity used for the electrolysis process? Is the electrolysis operated by wind turbines or from electricity bought on the spot market and what impact does this have on the levies as well as on the CO2 accounting? What size electrolysis is paying off? What will be the impact of changing hydrogen prices on the economics?

Our experienced consultants can help you with quantifying the benefits of different solution spaces describing how PtX is embedded into the local energy system. An example of our work can be found here.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid and Storage Solutions

As renewable energy market competitiveness has driven costs down, wind and solar technologies are now competing on a level playing field with traditional forms of generation.

As a result, many policy makers are beginning to remove the subsidies that had previously facilitated the growth of renewable generation, forcing developers to find ways of maximising operational efficiencies and reducing costs to compete in a future without government support.

Hybridisation strategies can boost the attractiveness of co-located wind and solar energy, in combination with batteries or other forms of storage, allowing for the management of power export limits and unlocking further financial benefits when used for arbitrage.

We can help you to understand how new energy concepts will perform on the energy markets.


Hybrid and storage EMD


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Operation Loss Calculation

Unexpected breakdowns at your power station often affect the operating economy, as re-scheduling generation to sub-optimal units might be required. For claim management the economic consequences of such a change of operations need to be determined, which can be intricate, depending on the complexity of the system, price structure, taxes and levies.

Our experienced consultants can help you to establish the impact of defective units as basis for a potential claim.

One example of how we can help you to establish the financial impact due to a breakdown can be found here.