Aeroelastic Models in windPRO

Through the modules SITE COMPLIANCE and LOAD RESPONSE, windPRO holds advanced features for desicion support in site-compliance and structural load evaluations.

To ensure that our load calculations are providing efficient and accurate decision support, we are constantly improving our methods and available generic turbines. This page links to relevant resources pertaining to the aeroelastic load models in windPRO.

Aeroelastic Model: Generic direct-drive turbine – “NREL-5MW EMD-DD”

To provide windPRO users with the option of doing load-response evaluations of wind tubines in both a geared and a direct-drive configuration, we have developed a consistent direct-drive version of the NREL 5MW reference turbine for the use with the FAST aeroelastic model.

This work was made in a joint research project with Aalborg University (AAU) and was build on the foundation of the NREL 5.0MW reference design. Our work related to this aeroelastic model – which mainly is the configuration of the structural model configuration, and controller setup and associated documentation – is released to the wind energy community through a free and open licence (CC-BY-40). A detailed description of the model can be found in the WindEurope 2018 proceeding

If you want access to the developed turbine model for aero-elastic simulations, please contact René M.M. Slot 

License for “NREL-5MW EMD-DD”

The EMD and AAU work related to the wind turbine reference design “NREL-5MW EMD-DD” for use with FAST – is released according to the terms in the Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0 license. As stated in these license conditions, please take proper care to add an attribution in order to acknowledge the source of information and any changes done to the data.

We recommend that you add the following statement to your report, picture or derived work:

Data source: “NREL-5MW EMD-DD” by EMD is licensed under CC BY 4.0. The model was derived from a reference design and data originating from NREL and Jonkman, Butterfield, Musial and Scott.