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windPRO 4.0 launch!

We are excited to announce the launch of windPRO 4.0 – the most powerful windPRO to date! 

🎨 The new windPRO offers a fresh redesign of the user interface.
With a new ribbon-based main window, you’ll find all the tools, modules, and setups conveniently grouped under specific sections for a better workflow.

💪 A flexible Curtailment Optimizer for squeezing out more production while protecting neighbors from noise.
Customize your curtailment strategies based on time of day, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and more.
Fine-tune your settings to maximize efficiency in various conditions.

🌞 Enhanced SOLAR PV with an improved design to accommodate the growing list of functionalities such as a brand new LCOE/AEP/NPV Optimizer, Electricity Price generator and interactive design tool. 

+ Temperature Derating, Spectral correction, METEO API, Tropical Cyclone analysis, SCADA Autofilters, Cost Maps and the list goes on … 

For more information, click here.