Case – Vestforbrænding

Vestforbrænding is Denmark’s leading waste and energy company. They handle waste from both businesses and a million citizens, striving daily to ensure environmentally responsible treatment. Most waste is recycled, with the remainder incinerated at their plant in Glostrup, Denmark to generate electricity and district heating, distributed through their network.

To meet future demand, Vestforbrænding is expanding its heat capacity by 700,000 to 1,000,000 MWh. To optimize operations and leverage economies of scale, they have chosen OPTI.

Their heating plan for 2030 extends district heating to 39,000 new customers across seven municipalities, already in progress. This transition significantly impacts Denmark’s CO2 consumption. District heating – with its flexibility to blend various heat sources based on hourly prices – remains a stable and future-proof option.

OPTI navigates the complex energy market, ensuring optimal production schedules for economic efficiency, a critical factor in consumer pricing. It simplifies daily plant planning and decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency without requiring specialized skills.

As Vestforbrænding’s plant setup grows in complexity, efficient staffing and systems become paramount. With EMD’s solutions, they aim to deliver cost-effective, green heat to their customers while ensuring operational excellence.

Vestforbrænding already uses the well-known energyPRO from EMD to model our systems and future scenarios. With EMD’s combination of energyPRO and OPTI, we can facilitate collaboration internally across departments and functional areas simultaneously,” concludes Søren Løgstrup Hansen.

– Søren Løgstrup Hansen, Head of Department Vestforbrænding.

OPTI interfaceOPTI interface