We provide consultancy services across the project life cycle, from feasibility studies and strategic energy planning to operational analyses and budget follow-up. The Energy System Department offers a number of services within:

Modeling of energy systems

Modelling of Energy Systems

With an energyPRO model of your energy system you can simulate, analyze and optimize the operation of all production units in your energy system. We can help you set up your model, so that you can perform detailed technical and economic analyses.

Using our advanced and flexible software package, energyPRO, the possibilities are almost endless – virtually any type of energy technology can be modelled.

If you have a specific case with an energy system that you would like to model in energyPRO, you are always welcome to contact us at Our skilled and dedicated consultants are ready to help you set up a model or offer you advice on how to move forward with a specific problem. Our consultants can also assist you in different types of analyses, which you can read more about in the menu under services.

As an inspiration, you can read about our different online energyPRO project examples here.



Modelling of energy systems




Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

If you are considering investing in a heat pump, CHP, solar collectors or any other type of energy plants, we can help you conduct a feasibility study of your energy project. For the analysis, our team of experienced consultants will set up a model of your existing energy plant and investigate how different investments will affect the operation in both a technical and economic perspective.

For the analysis, energyPRO provides a detailed financial plan in a standard format approved by international banks and funding institutions. The result is a report documenting the most feasible solution together with a recommendation based on the findings from the feasibility study.

The below project is an example of a feasibility study performed in energyPRO.

Feasibility Study of heat pump for Assens District Heating

Assens District Heating company supplies heat to more than 3,000 households in the Danish city of Assens. The district heating system consists of a wood chip fired CHP, three wood pellet boilers, a wind turbine and an oil-fired back-up boiler. With a new heat pump or electric boiler, the electricity from the wind turbine can be utilized in the heat production as “green” heat from renewable energy.

Our team of consultants in the Energy System department conducted a feasibility study in order to determine if it will be feasible to use the electricity from the wind turbine to power a heat pump and an electric boiler.

The feasibility study was composed of three different scenarios:

  • The Reference: An energyPRO model of the existing system
  • Alternative 1: The existing system incl. a heat pump
  • Alternative 2: The existing system incl. a heat pump and an electric boiler


A comparison of the scenarios showed that both alternatives could reduce the net heat production costs, but especially Alternative 1 had a significant effect. The final recommendation was to invest in a heat pump.

If you are interested in feasibility studies, please contact our sales department at for an offer.

Operation Loss Calculation

Operation Loss Calculation

If an unexpected breakdown occurs on a plant, it often has consequences for the operating economy in the period the unit is unavailable. With an energyPRO model of the energy system our consultants can simulate the operation with and without the defective unit and thereby calculate and document the operational loss due to the failure.

Below is an example of an operation loss calculation conducted for Allianz Versicherungs AG.

Operation Loss Calculation at I/S Reno Nord for Allianz Insurance

Reno Nord is a waste incineration plant, that processes waste from companies and citizens in the city of Aalborg and its surrounding municipalities.

Due to a failure on a generator, Reno Nord’s block 4 was out of operation in more than 5 months, resulting in a significant operating loss. As shown in the picture, the entire generator had to be lifted out of the building and transported to Germany to be repaired.

In connection with Reno Nord’s insurance claim to Allianz Versicherungs AG, EMD International calculated their operation losses and extra waste management costs. The losses consisted mainly of lost electricity sales, lost subsidies and extra costs handling the received waste during the outage.

If you are interested in an operation loss calculation, please contact our sales department at





energypro Sønderborg Kraftvarme

Operating Budgets

Operating Budgets

Our team of consultants are ready to help you set up or adjust your operating budget for the coming year(s). In cooperation with you we develop an accurate model using our software energyPRO, which provides you with a graphical presentation of the operation and a detailed report containing the budget for the entire timeframe.

The below case is an example of an operating budget performed in energyPRO.

Operating Budget for Sønderborg District Heating

In close cooperation with Sønderborg District Heating, a precise energyPRO model of the district heating system is developed. Together with the energyPRO model a comprehensive report is made with all the applied specifications and assumptions behind the model.

The energyPRO model forms the basis for the annual operating budgets for Sønderborg District Heating. From the budget, the price of heat for the consumers is calculated for the coming year.

If you want our help setting up an operating budget for your plant, please contact our sales department at for an offer.

Operation Analysis and Optimization

Operation Analysis and Optimization

The Energy System Department at EMD International A/S has a profound understanding of the electricity market dynamics and the daily challenges of planning the operation at complex energy plants. With our expertise, you will get a complete analysis of the current operation and an in-depth study of the potential for optimizing the operation. Often the overall economy of the plant can be improved considerably by investing in a thermal storage or by adjusting the bidding strategy in the balancing markets.

In the below example, Hvide Sande District Heating is modelled in energyPRO and the operation is analyzed in order to calculate the substitution price of waste heat from the local waste incineration plant.

Advanced bidding strategies for Hvide Sande District Heating

Hvide Sande District Heating is a complex plant with very different production units: A large solar thermal plant (9,576 m2), an electric boiler, three wind turbines, two natural gas fired CHPs, two natural gas boilers and two separated thermal storage tanks. With many different production units, it becomes a very challenging task to optimize the participation in multiple electricity markets while integrating fluctuating renewable energy sources in the production of heat.

For instance, the electric boiler should consume electricity from the wind turbines when it is windy and consume electricity from the Day-ahead market when prices are low, but at the same time it should offer its capacity in the Regulating power markets. To make the operation planning even more complex, the electric boiler could be operated partly on electricity from the wind turbines and partly on electricity from the electricity markets.

You can see a video of a virtual site visit to Hvide Sande here.

If you are interested in analyses of your energy system and the potential for optimization the operation, please contact our sales department at for an offer.







Strategic Energy Planning

Strategic Energy Planning

The Energy System Department at EMD International A/S also participates in projects about strategic energy planning where focus could be on a national, regional or local level.

One of the projects we have been involved in include:

Strategic Energy Plan for Funen, Denmark

Together with Aalborg University, EMD has contributed to a strategic energy plan for the Danish island, Funen for Faaborg-Midtfyn municipality. The project aims at anticipating robust scenarios for the future energy supply of Funen.

As a part of the project, EMD has conducted a detailed mapping of the existing district heating schemes including the technical specifications of the heat production units.

If you want our assistance in conducting a strategic energy plan for a specific area, please contact our sales department at for an offer.




Hybrid and storage EMD

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid and Storage Solutions

Having been part of the Danish journey towards a decentralised energy system, we are your ideal partner to evaluate and optimize your mixed energy portfolios.

EMD offers feasibility studies and operational optimization of hybrid energy systems.

Our insight in wind and solar energy, in combination with batteries or other forms of storage, can help you to understand how new energy concepts will perform on in the energy markets. Numerous opportunities for optimization are emerging including:

  • Peak shaving
  • Optimisation of private wire operation
  • Power output smoothing
  • Optimisation across energy sectors
  • Design and analysis of island operation
  • Access to new revenues through ancillary services



energyWEB is a web application for monitoring the daily operation of an energy plant.

With energyWEB you can see heat consumption and production as well as the electricity prices, storage capacity and content for each hour. This allows you to check that the operation is proceeding as intended, e.g. that electricity production takes place in hours with the highest electricity prices.

Click here to see examples of existing energyWEB solutions

Training and Support

Training and Support

Sharing knowledge is part of our mission. Therefore, we offer training in various forms:

Besides our general energyPRO courses, we offer customized training sessions. Our customized training offer is adjusted to your needs and span all options from compact in-house training to working with your team for prolonged periods, either in person or online.

If you simply cannot keep up with your work because of unexpected workload or unexpected lack of resources, let us discuss if we can help you through a sticky period.

Please contact us at to receive a non-binding offer.