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windPRO 4.0 Introducing Curtailment Optimizer!

We are pleased to introduce the new Curtailment Optimizer in windPRO 4.0, designed to maximize your wind energy yields while minimizing turbine noise.

Optimize Curtailments:
Customize your curtailment strategies based on time of day, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and more. Fine-tune your settings to maximize efficiency in various conditions

Stay within Noise Limits:
Effectively manage turbine noise without sacrificing production. Curtailment strategies ensure you adhere to noise regulations while maintaining optimal output

Verifiable Results:
Our optimized noise curtailments are verifiable in both DECIBEL and NORD2000, providing transparent and reliable data for analysis

Pair the optimized noise curtailments with other existing curtailments such as Wind Sector Management, Bird and Bat curtailments, all within the PARK module