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We have just released a new version of energyPRO 4.9

The list of improvements in this version includes:

  • OPTIMIZE, more technologies included
  • Batteries, formulae in charge/discharge
  • Peak payments included in MILP calculation
  • Time series, option of scaling and offsetting
  • Time series, option of setting colour


We have added more technologies to the OPTIMIZE module. Now you can also optimize:

  • Transmissions
  • Hydraulic transmissions
  • Grid connections
  • User defined thermal storages
  • Fuel storages
  • Heat on built-in heat pump


Another nice new feature is that peak payments on imported fuel, imported or exported electricity are now included in the MILP calculation.

Finally, a couple of improvements on time series. It is now possible to scale or offset the time series directly in the time series window. This means you don’t need to add a time series function for simple modifications.

Now, you can set a colour on your time series, to be used in the production, graphic when showing time series.

Furthermore, a number of errors have been fixed.

We will have a free webinar presenting the improvements March 20th, 2024, 13:00-14:00 CET.

Please click here to sign up.

You can download the new version of energyPRO here.

If you wish to upgrade your energyPRO license to version 4.9 – or get a two-week test license, please contact our sales department: