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Per Nielsen will retire in 2024

After 37 years of being responsible for a decisive development of the wind turbine industry in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world, CEO and founder of EMD International A/S, Per Nielsen, has chosen to retire and hand over the role to Vice CEO Christian Ingerslev Sørensen, who took over the CEO role from January 1st, 2024.

Frank Rosager, Chairman of the Board of EMDFonden, which owns EMD International A/S, says: “Per Nielsen has been a crucial key figure in the global wind turbine industry, placing EMD in a world-leading role”

There has been an impressive development from the 80’ies, when project developers physically went out and visually assessed the roughness of the landscape for a 10-20 km. radius around a potential location of wind turbines, until today, where EMD with probably Europe’s largest weather database for every 3 km2 in the EU, can provide hourly data more than 20 years back in time and up to a height of 300 meters.

This is particularly used by project developers, who want precise calculations of a future wind or solar farm’s production.

Christian Ingerslev Sørensen has already served as Vice CEO of EMD for the past four years, and has gradually taken over the management functions in EMD after Per Nielsen. In particular, he has focused on developing the sales and marketing area.

“Christian has the right combination of organizational and technological understanding as well as sales and management experience. He is a modern leader with a great drive, who can further develop our international presence as well as the dedicated drive that exists in the organization to create green innovation,” says Frank Rosager.

Christian Ingerslev Sørensen is looking forward to his new role: “EMD has a strong position within green transition, and I look forward to building on the innovative legacy that Per and the team have created. We face a lot of exciting challenges and I’m excited to lead the company into an even more sustainable future.”

To celebrate Per Nielsen’s impressive contribution in the wind industry, a farewell reception will be held on 15 March 2024 in Aalborg.