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Notification on Delay in September 2023 Update of EMD-WRF Mesoscale Products and Services

Several parameters are missing from the ECMWF delivered ERA5 pressure-level data-files needed as input boundary-data for the EMD-WRF modelling.

The unfortunate consequence is, that the data-update for the month of September will be delayed.

We are currently in dialogue with the ECMWF support about this error and when they expect to have it resolved. Currently we do not have any indication when updated data-files will be made available, but we will keep data-users updated when new information arrives.

Users of ERA5 Gaussian Grid or ERA5(T) Rectangular Grid data services in windPRO or EMD-API are not affected – the ECMWF delivery error (to our knowledge) is limited to the pressure-level data.

EMD-WRF modelling services influenced by this delay are:

  • EMD-WRF Europe+
  • EMD-WRF South-Korea (ERA5)
  • EMD-WRF OD and
  • EMD-WRF OD (Icing).


If you are a user of EMD-WRF mesoscale data services through windPRO or EMD-API and have a question to this delay, feel free to contact the support hotline at