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Introducing the Czech Republic Digital Elevation Model in windPRO

We have made a new digital terrain model available that covers the entire Czech Republic. This model was produced using airborne laser scanning (LIDAR) data collected between 2009 and 2014.

The data in windPRO is sourced from the Geoportal ČÚZK, operated by the Czech Land Survey Office. The model in windPRO is derived from an INSPIRE-compliant dataset, which in turn is derived from the 4th generation Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic (DMR 4G).

Two versions of this high-quality DTM is available in windPRO: a fine-resolution model with a 5m grid, and a version that we’ve resampled to achieve a slightly coarser resolution of 20m.

Read more on this dataset at our EMD online-data wiki.