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Have you attended our SOLAR PV course yet?

On October 10-11, 2023 you will have the chance to attend ! (the last scheduled course this year)

✔️ The Solar PV module in windPRO allows you to plan, design and perform energy yield calculations for PV plants using the same well-known environment of windPRO.

✔️ The course covers how to accurately set up a photomontage and how to input and simulate the visual data of the PV plant and other related 3D elements.

✔️ It will also be demonstrated how the Integration to SketchUp can be very useful when making photomontages.

✔️ We will calculate if and to which extend the glare from the PV plant can be expected to occur at the surrounding dwellings.

✔️ Finally the new SOLAR OPTIMIZER will be presented.

To read more about the course and to secure your seat, please click here.