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Fully up-to date mesoscale data at the end of the month: EMD-WRF On-Demand (ERA5T)

Tired of delaying your analysis while waiting for high-quality mesoscale reference wind data to become available?

As wind analysts we are relying heavily on high-quality reference mesoscale data as ‘virtual meteorological masts’ in ongoing campaigns or monthly status reports; but we have also been used to waiting some months for data from the best mesoscale data services – like the EMD-WRF Europe+ – or EMD-WRF On-Demand (ERA5) – to become available.

A fast-track is now an option with the waiting time down to approximately one week from the months end – as the ERA5T dataset has recently been integrated into the EMD-WRF On-Demand services. With the addition of ERA5T dataset, users of windPRO now have the option of choosing between five different boundary datasets in the EMD-WRF On-Demand mesoscale modelling: ERA5T, ERA5, MERRA2, ERA-Interim and CFS/CFSR. The EMD-WRF OD (ERA5T) is available with global coverage and time-series dating back to 2010.

Feel free to contact our sales department if you would like a trial of this excellent data-source.

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