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EMD now offers Life Time Extension services

In 2016, 12% of the installed wind turbine capacity in Europe was older than 15 years. This share increases to 28% by 2020. Consequently, a significant number of wind turbines will reach the end of their planned service life in the near future. Lifetime extension is appealing in that it can increase returns on investment of existing projects, but a decision on lifetime extension is complex.

EMD’s extensive wind flow modelling experience combined with aeroelastic modelling capabilities allow a cost-optimised evaluation of the site-specific remaining useful life time (RUL) with respects to fatigue loads. This service involves:

  • Modelling of site-specific flow conditions: wind speed and directional distribution, ambient turbulence, vertical wind speed gradient, inflow angles and wake added turbulence
  • Reverse engineering from production data to flow conditions as plausibility check
  • Analysis of the site-specific fatigue loads using aeroelastic modelling. Our response surface method to estimate fatigue loads has been certified by TÜV SÜD for compliance with the requirements in IEC 61400-1 ed. 3 (2010)
  • Comparison of site-specific loads, to design fatigue loads on main component level
  • Uncertainty analysis of the remaining useful life time
  • Comprehensive reporting of RUL


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