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New types of advanced windPRO courses

Did you register for our new types of advanced windPRO courses, tailored to your specific interests and needs?


✔️ Advanced EYA in windPRO:

Join our course to master advanced time-varying energy calculations. This course provides practical insights into complex aspects of data analysis, flow modelling, and losses and uncertainties.

✔️ Mechanical Load Assessment in windPRO:

When selecting a wind turbine, its structural integrity must be sufficient for the specific wind farm location and layout. Financiers also need this analysis to release capital for new projects.
windPRO’s SITE COMPLIANCE and LOAD RESPONSE tools enable you to check if the turbine’s structural integrity is suitable over the project lifetime.


The PERFORMANCE CHECK module in windPRO offers many tools to analyse wind turbine operational data. Ultimately this information lowers the uncertainty of your expected income and helps you understand the performance of your asset.

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