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Did you read this article ‘On the modelling chain for production loss assessment for wind turbines in cold climates’ yet?

It was published in Cold Regions Science and Technology and for the next 50 days you can read it for free by clicking here.

The author, our colleague Marie Cecilie Pedersen, explains that with this paper a validation study of the modelling chain behind our EMD-WRF On Demand ICING service is presented.

“Focus is on validating the modelled instrumental icing using meteorological met mast data and we use SCADA data to evaluate the use of the IEA Ice Class system for translating modelling icing into a AEP loss.

In the paper we use 29 meteorological masts covering 49 full winter seasons and SCADA records from four Swedish – and two Norwegian wind farms”. 

📞 Please do not hesitate to contact Marie Cecilie Pedersen for any questions.