2020 at EMD – Highlights of some of our Activities

Release of windPRO 3.4
In June we released a new version 3.4, which also included a new PV Solar module for design and energy yield calculations of PV projects. Although we entered the photovoltaics area rather late, the interest among windPRO users to use this new module has been very positive. The next version 3.5 with expected release mid 2021 will therefore include more PV design features and functionality in the PV Solar module.

Busy with windOPS
The interest to use our web-based windOPS performance monitoring software for wind farms continued in 2020 with new orders and installations. Largest job this year has been the implementation of a windOPS solution combined with a forecasting solution for a utility-owned portfolio of 240 turbines installed in several parks and with different turbine manufacturers and types, 600 MW in total.

energyTRADE takes off
CHP plants in Denmark have traditionally consisted of gas engines, a gas boiler, and a thermal storage, but recently many of them have also installed wood and electrical boilers, heat pumps, solar panels and are now also participating at different electricity markets (day-ahead, regulating and reserve). This complex operation requires a dedicated flexible software like energyTRADE for the optimisation of the daily operation at scheduled intervals against parameters such as weather forecasts, electricity price forecasts, heat demands and thermal storage content. The software includes a communication interface for submitting optimized production plans with bidding prices and quantities and receiving updated production schedules from the balance responsible party (BRP) upon trade at different electricity markets.

Throughout 2020 we have seen an increased interest in energyTRADE from both Danish and international energy companies, resulting in a large order book for energyTRADE software solutions to be implemented in 2021.


energyPRO for Hybrid, Storage and PtX Projects
At EMD we have been working with complex energy projects and storage for nearly three decades and our energyPRO software package is the only commercial software package available worldwide for modelling, analysing and preparing techno-economic studies for complex energy projects using multiple types of energy producing technologies (e.g. wind, solar PV) combined with energy storage, such as pumped storage, batteries, cold storage, compressed air or conversion to other energy types (Power-to-X) such as H2, ammonia or methanol.

If you are interested in exploring energyPRO for these types of projects, feel free to contact us to get a software demonstration or a test license – emd@emd.dk.

Consulting entering new areas
Again in 2020, our consulting team has been working as independent advisors together with our due diligence partners on numerous large wind farm portfolio transfers worldwide. Our wind experts have also assisted many wind farm developers and asset owners in the areas of bankable energy studies in the pre-construction phase and post-construction operational energy assessments and life-time extension services. This year we reached the milestone of 10GW post-construction advisory.

More and more companies are now actively seeking to change their factories and production facilities to pursue carbon-neutrality. During the year, our energy system experts have worked as external advisors for well-known international players to model the present energy consumption at their production factories in different countries and to simulate how the energy usage can be substituted by carbon-neutral energy production technologies.

During the year we have also experienced a growing interest in developing hybrid, storage and Power-to-X projects, and our energy system experts have assisted numerous clients in the Nordic region with simulation and documentation of these types of projects.