EMD United Kingdom energyPRO

Carbon Descent
145-157 St John St,
London, EC1V 4PW

Tel: (+44) 020 7089 6970
E-mail: software@carbondescent.org.uk
web: www.carbondescent.org.uk
Contact person: Chris Dunham

Carbon Descent is the sales and support agent for the energyPRO software package in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Carbon Descent is an independent company with the experience, expertise and commitment to create strategies and deliver solutions that measurably reduce carbon footprints, creating a sustainable and equitable future for all. Working in the key areas of energy, resource use, transport, the built environment and renewables for over 20 years, Carbon Descent partners with local authorities, private business, charities and communities to foster a low carbon world. Services include consultancy, research, training and software development within the sustainable energy sector.

Beside selling and supporting the energyPRO software package, Carbon Descent also sells and supports a suite of own-developed software products (VantagePoint, BluePrint and Voldecs) enabling users within energy consultancy, development, planning, transport, building services or renewable energy to achieve defined energy targets and to maximise their efforts to reduce environmental impacts when developing sustainable energy solutions.