On-Demand Time Series

With EMD-WRF On-Demand Time Series service windPRO users can generate high-quality mesoscale time series anywhere in the world in 3 km / hourly resolution centred at the selected point directly from windPRO using the WRF model embedded on our High Performance Cluster.

All you need to do is purchase mesoscale credits from EMD and then use them to start a time series calculation. Once the time series has been calculated, the results will automatically be available from windPRO


The EMD-WRF mesoscale on-demand service offers several attractive advantages such as:

  • Results in multiple heights
  • Recent WRF version is applied.
  • Improved land use model.
  • Improved solar radiation results.
  • Turbulence information for all years is included.
  • Improved atmospheric stability signal (MOL).


Easy and simple
Use the windPRO calculation window to request an EMD-WRF on-demand time series. To start an EMD-WRF mesoscale on-demand calculation is very simple, you only need to define:

  • Geo Location
  • Period
  • Boundary data


Boundary data can either be based on ERA5, ERA5T, ERA-Interim, MERRA-2 or CFSR/CFSv2.



The following main results are returned automatically to windPRO as time series in a Meteo Object:

  • Wind speed/direction and turbulence in 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 meters.
  • Temperature in 2 and 100 meters.
  • Detailed solar radiation
  • Surface pressure, humidity, precipitation, visibility, cloud cover, MOL etc.


The histogram on the right shows the distribution of correlation coefficients (R) for EMD-WRF ERA-Interim using more than 150 masts around the world. Correlations in the range of 0.7 to 0.9 are most common, but correlations may vary significantly with the complexity of the local meteorology and the ability of the WRF model to capture it.
You can also find more validation results in this technical note.



A mesoscale on-demand calculation requires ‘meso credits’ purchased from EMD. A single ‘meso credit’ will allow 1 month of hourly time series data. So, a 10-year time series costs: 12 (months) * 10 (years) = 120 meso credits. A 20-year time series costs 240 meso credits.

Previously calculated time series can subsequently be updated with more months of data by using a corresponding number of meso credits.


Depending on number of meso credits ordered, a 10-year EMD-WRF mesoscale time series can be calculated for a point anywhere in the world at a price of only Euro 168 to 240. The price for a similar 20-year mesoscale time series ranges between only Euro 336 to 480.

EMD WRF on-demand calculations require a license to windPRO V3.0 or higher. EMD-WRF time series can also be supplied to windPRO users of former versions or companies without a windPRO license by paying an additional handling fee of EUR 160 or equivalent per ordered EMD-WRF time series.