Fast 3D CFD wind farm flow simulation

WakeBlaster is a fast 3D wake model, developed by ProPlanEn. It uses a custom solver of the 3D Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes Equations.

WakeBlaster is implementing a RANS solver that models a complete wind farm, not single turbines. Resolving 3D effects, like wake expansion and wake superposition, results in the replacement of empirical approximations and the reduction of uncertainties.

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WakeBlaster runs on a remote server and requires an API key.

WakeBlaster users benefit from the capability to run WakeBlaster from windPRO, gaining access to windPRO’s advanced handling of meteorological data (by Scaler) and power curve correction options, as well as its reporting features. This makes it easy to compare with other models as all output is similarly formatted.

windPRO users benefit from an almost seamless integration of a new state of the art wake model into their existing workflow. It is also possible to use WakeBlaster calculations in e.g. the PERFORMANCE CHECK module for validation against SCADA data.

Subscription Types

Choose between a 12-month or a 1-month WakeBlaster subscription. Each subscription type comes with 50,000 flow cases per calendar month. Please note that subscriptions are per company, not per seat. This means that the WakeBlaster API key can be shared at your discretion within your organization.

Additional flow cases can be added to your subscription in packs of 100,000 for use within a calendar month.

A WakeBlaster simulation will typically require 2,700 flow cases per calculation (1 layout).

Figure:  Example of a WakeBlaster CFD simulation. A flow case for Anholt offshore wind farm. Colour-coded as wind speed deficit, relative to free upstream wind speed.


Free testing of WakeBlaster with windPRO is offered, please contact sales@emd.dk for a test license.


Contact sales@emd.dk or order your subscription online: