System Requirements

The following information / data need to be gathered and saved in periodical intervals (ideally in 10 minutes averages) at the EMD server.

  1. Minimal information to be received from each WTG:
    Wind Speed
    Wind Direction (resp. Nacelle position)
  2. Temperature
  3. Connection to the SCADA system via Park-Server or OPC Server
  4. Error and Status codes from the SCADA system for the performance analysis. With error and status codes available, windOPS can give you detailed linking and categorization of the lost production
  5. Optionally, a combination of the SCADA data with external data sources such as a met mast, lidar or grid connection point counters



As project-specific wind, orography and PARK models are prepared using windPRO, the following information is needed for the setup of each wind farm:

  1. WTG coordinates, contractual power curve(s), type of WTG, hub height, wind resource assessment(s) or windPRO project(s) – if available
  2. Catalogue of error and status codes as per WTG type
  3. Additional information regarding special operational modes (e.g. noise or shadow reduced modes, birds and bats restrictions, sector management, etc.)
  4. Package of historical data in 10-min averages for the windPRO model recalibration. Minimum 6 months of data are recommended, if available

There are more optional features that can be added. E.g. when having measurement masts at the windfarm, an IEC compliant power curve validation can be performed automatically by windOPS month after month.