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Modern wind farming with multi-million investments requires an intelligent software solution, which can give the operator or owner a quick real-time overview of the performance of the assets as well as more in-depth information and analyses on their laptop, tablet or smart phone.

A challenge nowadays is the advanced operation of the turbines where the effects of power curtailment, reduced power curves (load modes) or other curtailments imposed by the turbine supplier are often not visible to the operator or owner. This might lead to losses of several percentages that might be avoided with proper insight by the operator or owner.

windOPS is a web-based wind power management and analytics software service developed for the daily performance monitoring and to compare, analyse and report operational and financial data for wind farm assets on a regular basis.

windOPS can be used for single wind farms and for larger wind farm portfolios, and it is a unique third-party software solution for an independent check of the performance and availability of all your wind turbine assets regardless of brand or model.

windOPS is available either as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or an in-house solution to be installed at your own network.

Scheduled server maintenance

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Important notice to our windPRO, energyPRO and API users

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