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windPRO 3.3 Beta

We are now ready to start the beta testing of windPRO 3.3. We would like to emphasize that this is an early preview made available for selected customers only. There are still some issues and some missing features. We are currently working hard on finalizing these for the final windPRO 3.3 release.

The following document will give a quick overview of new features in windPRO 3.3:
Feature-list – windPRO 3.3

Serial key
As of version 3.3 windPRO can be activated with a serial number. Simply enter your serial number in the activation window as shown below:

If your current license does not allow you to run windPRO 3.3, a time limited license file is attached instead. If you would like to test modules not currently in your license or have questions regarding the beta testing please contact

Download link
You can at any time find the latest version of windPRO 3.3 here:
Download windPRO 3.3 Beta →

Once windPRO 3.3 is installed you can also use the “Check for update” feature in the Help menu.

Quick guides
Quick guides for select features are available here:


Please report any problems and suggestions to Should you encounter that windPRO crashes, please choose the option “send bug report” and provide us with a short description of the event leading to the crash.