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New visualization features in windPRO 3.6


We are pleased to inform about the new visual features in the upcoming windPRO 3.6 release, which you can try already today by becoming a beta tester.

See the presentation of the new 3.6 visual features on YouTube.

As a beta tester you will get:

  • Early access to all the new features.
  • Free access to the SketchUp Integration module in the beta period.

Better access to the developer team. Influence the development of various templates for vegetation, fences, and transmission mast models that will take place before the final 3.6 release.

Follow this link to become a beta tester.

Overview of video content:

00:00 Watch from the start
00:25 New PV panel substructure setup
00:55 User defined PV panel and substructure in one
01:32 Result to file (makes it easier to extract information for reports)
02:08 Field of view in post-process (measure view-angles on rendered image)
02:22 SketchUp integration news
03:02 Create vegetation (trees, hedges etc.)
03:36 Create fences
03:59 Transmission towers and power lines
04:52 Show shadows on photo from WTGs or other objects
05:34 Create buildings (from shape-files)
06:11 Visualize shape files
07:01 Visualize DWG/DXF


Watch this PHOTOMONTAGE tutorial for windPRO 3.5. Perhaps you can pick up something you did not know!

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