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EMD International A/S releases a new global web-based wind energy index service


The index service is based on ERA5t data nodes and updated automatically at beginning of every month and as a user you will be able to mark your locations of interest and free of charge obtain the REGIONAL wind energy index.

Through a subscription you will have access to a calibrated LOCATION wind energy index to your specific wind turbine type and expected annual average wind speed. Monthly e-mails with the newest indices and API connection for automated import into you in-house monitoring system.

EMD also introduces a new advanced TURBINE Index using AI and historic production data, to train the hourly ERA5t time series to imitate the historic performance of the turbine, thereby eliminating seasonal bias, directional wakes and micro scale terrain driven features not seen in the global data sets. With the TURBINE Index you not only get the monthly indices as with the LOCATION Index, but you will also have access to hourly calibrated wind speeds and model production data, which is also available through an API connection, thus offering a simple digital twin, to evaluate performance changes over time.

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