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High-Resolution German – Saxony DTM Models – Now in windPRO

A high-resolution digital terrain model (DTM) for the German Bundesland of Saxony (Sachsen) is now released as a part of the online data services for users of windPRO 3.3. This dataset originates from detailed annual laser-scans of Saxony – years 2008-2019. Here, the native DTM grid resolution is at 1m or 2m. For such DTM […]

Saxony-Anhalt High Quality DTMs – 5m and 20m – Now in windPRO

Two high-quality digital terrain models (DTM’s) in 5m and 20m resolution covering the German state of Saxony-Anhalt have now been added to the online-services of windPRO 3.4. These elevation models are derived from a higher resolution model (2m grid-resolution), recently released from the Landesamtes für Vermessung und Geoinformation Sachsen-Anhalt (LVermGeo). Source data originates from years […]

EMD do Brasil

We are happy to announce that our subsidiary EMD do Brasil has been contracted by Brazilian utility Companhia Paranaense de Energia Elétrica – COPEL to provide system services for online performance monitoring and wind production forecasting for COPEL´s portfolio of 264 wind turbines in 24 wind parks with a total of 591 MW installed power. […]

Full Finnish Geodata Package – Now Available in windPRO

windPRO users developing wind farms in Finland are now able to access a comprehensive package with very high-resolution Finnish national geodata. The data is easily reached through the online-data services in windPRO 3.2+. Available data includes full Finnish coverage of: The national elevation model (10m resolution), forest height data (16m resolution) and existing wind turbine […]

In Deep Water?

On request from windPRO users working on offshore wind farm developments around the globe, the online-data services in windPRO 3.2+ now offers two bathymetry models: One with Pan-European coverage and grid resolution 230m; the other with global coverage and at a coarser 1km grid-resolution. Water depth data are accessed from the elevation-grid object – with […]

EMD in Berlin

EMD International A/S is presenting at the German conference “ZUKÜNFTIGE STROMNETZE”,, in Berlin 30.-31. January, the Danish experience of District Energy plants participating market based in the integration of intermittent productions from wind energy and photo voltaic.

Updated Finnish LUKE Forest Map – 2019 Tree Heights Now Available

Updated 2019 forest height data for Finland – derived from the recent LUKE “Multi-source National Forest Inventory Raster Maps of 2019” (released in 2021) – is now available as an online data service for users of windPRO 3.5. If you are working at forested sites, then within Finland, you can use these forest height data […]

Web training: Your option for instant windPRO training

Would you also like to improve your windPRO skills? We offer online training sessions tailor-made to your needs and span all options; basic training for beginners, selected module training, advanced training, etc. Please contact for a non-binding offer.

EMD International A/S releases a new global web-based wind energy index service

See The index service is based on ERA5t data nodes and updated automatically at beginning of every month and as a user you will be able to mark your locations of interest and free of charge obtain the REGIONAL wind energy index. Through a subscription you will have access to a calibrated LOCATION wind […]

Danish KU Forest Inventory – Tree Heights Now Available Directly in windPRO

A map of the forest heights for Denmark – derived from a dataset developed by the Danish University of Copenhagen – Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management – is now available as an online data service for users of windPRO 3.3+. If you are working at forested sites in Denmark, then you can use […]