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Online Post Construction training in December

Analyse wind turbine SCADA data, quantify losses, improve pre-construction estimates and lower your AEP uncertainty. After the great amount of interest for the training which just took place, we have scheduled another training in December. It will take place via Teams on December 10, 2020 from 13:00-15:30 CET. Program: See the program and further details […]

First online windPRO course after the summer holidays – registration now open

Date: September 21-25, 2020. The course will take place over 5 days and cover the same topics as our regular courses Registration: Please register here to secure your seat or contact us with any questions you may have  


The LOAD RESPONSE module provides easy-to-use calculations of fatigue loads for IEC 61400-1, ed. 4 (2019) ed. 3 (2010) or ed. 2 (1999) site suitability assessment. The module includes generic turbine models representing typical turbines on the market, and manufacturers can easily implement their own in-house turbine models


The OPTIMIZE module offers a variety of different methods, which can be used for wind farm optimisation, including generating geometrical and random wind farm layouts.


With the FINANCE module the user can expand the energy and economic calculations to also cover the projected lifetime of a project.


The SketchUp Integration module makes it possible to export elements from windPRO to SketchUp, including background maps, elevation data, calibrated photos from PHOTOMONTAGE, result layer raster data, CFD results, Solar PV areas and rotating WTG’s. In addition, 3D elements can be exported back from SketchUp and visualized in PHOTOMONTAGE.


The MODEL module provides a collection of tools interfacing with external wind flow models like WAsP, WAsP CFD and other external CFD models. The MODEL tools are often used in combination with other modules like MCP, PARK and SITE COMPLIANCE. A popular tool in MODEL is the Resource map calculator. EMD’s own ATLAS model can also be used with this module.


EMD is an appointed reseller of the WAsP software developed by DTU Wind Energy, Denmark.
The WAsP software can be used independently or conveniently as an “internal calculation engine” within the suite of windPRO modules for wind resource assessment and energy yield calculations.


The PHOTOMONTAGE module offers unsurpassed features to create a realistic visualization of a WTG project or any 3D object (e.g. power mast) in a landscape photo (normal or panoramic view) or based on Google Street View images. The module can also generate artificial landscapes as a wire grid or with artificial surface textures.


With the IMPACT module you can create an overview of the environmental impacts (noise, flickering and visibility) of a proposed wind farm project as seen from the neighbour´s perspective, ensuring transparency and full documentation in a single report.