Forecasting Solutions

In association with ENFOR A/S, a Danish-based company, EMD is offering a variety of complete forecasting software solutions for the energy sector. These forecasting software solutions include:

  • WindFor – Wind power prediction for wind farms
  • Solarfor – Solar power prediction for PV plants
  • Loadfor – Electricity load prediction of electrical power systems

Further, EMD is also offering the HeatFor software suite, developed by ENFOR, for load forecasting, temperature control and optimization of district heating networks.

The software solutions can be implemented locally at the client or hosted by ENFOR as a web-service.
EMD is a part-owner of ENFOR together with the management and original founders of the company. ENFOR was established as a private company in 2006 as a result of research activities related to energy systems, artificial intelligence, statistics, advanced modelling and forecasting techniques, which has been carried out at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen for the past twenty years.

ENFOR consists of a team of highly qualified professionals in the fields of forecasting, optimization, data analysis and statistics. DTU is still a technological partner and also one of the founders of the company.

The forecasting and optimization software solutions developed by ENFOR are widely used by leading international power producers, utilities and grid operators.
Just contact us at for more information about the different forecasting solutions offered or a quotation for a specific solution according to your requirements.